The Corporate TV and Business TV is a new type of Digital TV made by a ‘company as a direct channel to strengthen its internal and external communication. The Corporate TV / Business TV is much more flexible than traditional TV, adapting to specific needs and contexts.
The Corporate TV / Business TV solution can be used by companies and public Aministrazione both internally to enhance the communication with its employees, suppliers and partners, and externally to promote their business and engage customers and stakeholders.
Internal Use – Live Events, Corporate, Tutorials, Useful Information for daily work, product specifications, procedures, information on the company and on the organization, refresher courses.
Outdoor use – live events, exhibitions, meetings, conventions, product information, news, showcase, promotional videos, viral, tutorials, unboxing video for entertainment.
The Corporate TV / Business TV allows you to:
Create your own information channel and communicate with their target
To integrate with Digital Signage systems to have a simultaneous notice
Transmit both live and on demand of major events such as meetings, press conferences, exhibitions and meetings
Communicate with your partner, reseller, with other locations and with other stakeholders
Expand and reorganize promotional communication, and promote their business
Involve employees at all levels
Managing all your digital assets
Distribute video content on any type of device using different types of format
To understand the individual audiovisual archive
Store and catalog audiovisual content about the products and the company’s services
Organize distance education, through the creation of channels for e-learning and corporate training
Spread the corporate culture, strategies, achievements and initiatives undertaken.

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